#TNBT 1.1 First Upload

Every YouTuber has one! Some are more memorableĀ than others! In honor of this being our first episode we thought we would talk to a few YouTubers about theirs. We end up getting a better understand of why YouTubers make videos in the first place!

Original Music by

Nickodemus – Mystery of Life (feat Andrea Montiero)
Jonathan Geer
Andrew Potterton
By The Throat – Will Jessop https://twitter.com/athousandowls_
Compliments – Ava Holtzman https://twitter.com/avathedork
Special Guests:
Ethan Rilett https://twitter.com/EthanRylett
BratKneeD https://twitter.com/BratKneeD
James Redwine https://twitter.com/JamesRedwine
Nick Cola https://twitter.com/nickcola2015
Shelley Bris https://twitter.com/ShelBris
Reaction video by Daniel Moran https://twitter.com/danieldorable

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