1.5 Exposure Rates

Today’s episode has 3 stories from 3 awesome YouTubers and how they got exposure from big YouTubers like Keemstar, Grade A Under A and sadly… Austin Jones, the pedofile.

Fun Foods YT and fried butter!
Deep Fried Butter on a Stick | How to Make Deep Fried Butter on a Stick Like at Fairs

Aurora Skies talking about Austin Jones: (Explicit)
Austin Jones Asked Me For Videos (With Screenshots)

Daniel Son Gaming on Keemstar: (Explicit)

CONTENT WARNING: Today’s episode has a segment with Auston Jones, the pedofile. So if that isn’t something you want to hear about you might skip this episode.


1.4 “This is what I do!”

YouTubers talking about what they do on YouTube and how important it is to them. If you have ever wondered about motivation this is one for you!


LeetotheVI: Kojo Funds x Abra Cadabra – Dun Talkin [Remix]
Ava The Dork: a small song for a small town
Bratknee: Subscribe
JC5 Productions: The Creative Block

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Spotlight on James Redwine and Vidcon

This week’s Spotlight episode is all about James Redwine and his experience at VidCon. VidCon is a triannual?.. a video conference that happens three times a year. We will be talking about the one that happen in Anaheim and all the stress that goes along with it!

James Redwine @JamesRedwine

His YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/red81slayer 

Danotick @DanOtick

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Small YouTubers Doing Big Things!

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This week we talk to three YouTubers about their experiences doing amazing things here on the internet, not to mention helping people IRL.

Shelly Bris @ShelBris

Joshua George @joshuageorgetv

James Redwine @JamesRedwine

Danotick @DanOtick

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Spotlight On Creative Xavier Robert (Young Xav)

Xavier Robert is a young creative based in Chicago with a few projects on his plate!

1. His YouTube channel is currently doing a series called “The Journey So Far”
You can find a playlist to that here: YouTube Playlist

2. He also has a single out and a few other collaborations going on. You can find those here:

Summer Love: Summer Love

(For) Give / Get Me [Remix] feat. Young Xav
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#TNBT 1.2 Community People

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Before YouTube there were a few other video uploading platforms. Once YouTube’s community set in YouTube set in. This episode is about one of those people. This episode is about the community.


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Special Guests:
Sarah Elizabeth Aalbers https://twitter.com/AalbersSarah
Dory Blevins https://twitter.com/DorysStoryTime

Ricky Greens https://twitter.com/Ricky_Greens
Armin Avdic https://twitter.com/arminavdic
Ethan Rylett https://twitter.com/EthanRylett

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Spotlight On Ethan Rylett

Today’s spotlight is on Ethan Rylett. We talked about the community his show Not So Live and the future of YouTube.

Ethan Rylett https://twitter.com/EthanRylett


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#TNBT 1.1 First Upload

Every YouTuber has one! Some are more memorable than others! In honor of this being our first episode we thought we would talk to a few YouTubers about theirs. We end up getting a better understand of why YouTubers make videos in the first place!

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By The Throat – Will Jessop https://twitter.com/athousandowls_
Compliments – Ava Holtzman https://twitter.com/avathedork
Special Guests:
Ethan Rilett https://twitter.com/EthanRylett
BratKneeD https://twitter.com/BratKneeD
James Redwine https://twitter.com/JamesRedwine
Nick Cola https://twitter.com/nickcola2015
Shelley Bris https://twitter.com/ShelBris
Reaction video by Daniel Moran https://twitter.com/danieldorable

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The Next Big Thing Podcast

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A podcast all about creators changing the media of tomorrow whether you know about them or not!  A lot of what we talk about is video because YouTube is really the 3rd phase of the moving picture. First it was theaters, then the TV, now it’s the internet.. So stay tuned, this is the next big thing!

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